13.56 Services was founded in September 2002. Since then, the company repairs and develops all the RF systems used in micro electronics.

Its founder has spent over 20 years into semiconductor industry before launching this adventure.

With this experience, the company 13.56 services has become recognized expert in RF power systems.

13.56 Resumed in a few assess…

Sale turnover in 2002 of 18.000€

In 2010, this is over 1.450.000 € sale turnover.

Even with crisis, profit is still augmenting, with a constant sales volume around e 1.000.000

It's also the continuous adaptive to needs of our customers, with a return rate less than 1%.

It's 1435 repairs in 2022.

Head office Workshop

10, route de Pertuis
Phone : +33(0)490 077575
Fax. : +33(0)490 085340

Email : secretariat@1356services.com