We repair all RF systems used inindustry. This include semiconductor RF systems, solar industry RF systems, and all others.

Our skills are from all sub assemblies repaired at our workshop, but also directly on your tool, on yor site. We providing same quality as OEM.

We are supplying RF equipments like matching network, RF générators, refurbish or new, and all sub assemblies. Please feel free to contact us for any needs.

Most commonly repaired equipments :


Générators ENI GHW-25 27,12 MHz

Générators ENI GHW-25 2MHz

Matchs ENI 27MHz 4520 XL

Match ENI 2MHz

Lower match PTX et DFM

Match PTX et DFM

Générators RFG3001

Générators RFG1250 Halo et RFDS

Générators ENI Série ACG10

All vaccum tube RF generator

All DC power supply (Magnetron)


This list isn't exhaustive, please contact us.